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Rx Pharmdog
This website is for people who are attempting to train their own mobility service dog or psychiatric service dog.
We do not train or sell dogs.  We provide you with information to help you train your own dog and it's free!.
We are not aware of anyone selling trained psychiatric service dogs.
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This book was written for people who feel overwhelmed, confused or
simply “turned off” by all the conflicting dog training methods
available to us today. There is so much information (created by   
people) on the subject that it is difficult to sort out who’s right,  who’s
wrong, what works and what does not work.

I have designed this simple book to touch on the basic things that apply
to all dogs and their owners, because it’s not my way, its nature’s way,
a sensible, universal place to start regardless of what kind of dog or
puppy you have because it’s recognized in their genes.

As an educator, I enjoy teaching people how to live more balanced
lives with their pets, because I believe dogs are meant to be in our
lives as stress reducers, not stress producers. People should have a
pet to enjoy them not to annoy them. If your dog is causing you stress,
chances are you are doing the same to him. Who you are, and how you
interact on a daily basis with your dog, will determine what kind of
leadership style you represent and what kind of feedback your dog will
give you in return.

Good Puppy Academics incorporates the science of the mind along with
canine psychology to achieve a balance that enhances the
human/canine partnership. You will discover how pain verses pleasure;
problem solving and having the no skill no kill mentality can help you
train your dog more efficiently and humanely, because it’s not my way,
its nature’s way.
Who am I?                                                        
But that’s not really who I am                                

1. What’s in a dog?        (who are they?)                        
The Brain Game                                                
Learning Theory: The Science of the Mind                
Patterns and Rituals                                        

2. Why I don’t train that way                                
Choosing the right dog                                        
Finding the right trainer                                        
What should my dog be taught first?                       
Potty Training                                                

3. Good Puppy Academics Program                        
Being a responsible guardian                                
Good Puppy Etiquette                                        
Enjoying your dog in public places                       

4. Assistance Dogs                                                
Dogs behaving badly                     
Reality Check                                               
Service dog trainer and user etiquette                           
5. Who are you?                                                
The Human/Canine Partnership                                      
What is a Pharmdog?                                       
6. Frequently asked Questions
What kind of training equipment will I need?
What are your criteria for training a service dog?     
How can I tell if I am more Dominate than my dog?   

7. Amazing Canines                                                    
A Hero’s Story                                                
Makes a Great Gift!
Photo by Mira Brody / Community Voice