"My dog has, over the course of a year, learned to help mitigate certain Bi-Polar and dissociative disordered behaviors I exhibit when not well.  
When I am well, he brings me the kind of companionship and feelings of safety I need to thwart anxiety.  He is truly an angel, one smart pup and
a life saver.  I would not be alive now without his affection, companionship and his ability to have learned how to help me come out of psychotic
states.  I have not been in the Hospital since Halloween and I give him full credit for that.  

It is unfortunate though I have service dog tags from the county that I am still met with ignorance and resistance from major retailers.  They just
don't get it.  I would not be alive to shop there and spend my disability payment money on food etc...were it not for my dog".

T.W. (California, USA)

"My husband suffers from diabetes, anxiety disorder, and sever depression, has been in many clinical studies, and different medication, now
we are trying a dog. Which I feel is already helping. He's interacting with him (dog) makes him get out of the house even on his low days to walk
him. The dog, sits with him all the time, and just the simple stroking of the dog calms my husband down,and the dog will lay down with my
husband when he is feeling depressed, and the dog will nudged him, and climb on him if he lies down to long, or brings a pull toy and drops it on
his chest to say come play with me. He is already helping without formal training. So I feel the more we learn and the more we teach the dog the
better for my husbands conditions".

D.H. (USA)

"Me and my daughter both have service dogs for social phobia.  My daughter's dog is small that she carries into places that help calm her panic
attacks. Mine is a golden retriever who has learned to stand or lay behind me making a barrier behind me, she also jumps on me when she
senses me going into a panic attack she is doing it so fast that before I realize that one is coming on she has already jumped on me and
depending on how bad it is she stays on me longer and more forceful.

One morning this winter she did something that I have not needed before, we live in a small town so I walk almost every where, I woke up in the
morning from having bad dreams which put me into high anxiety but I had to do some running around, it was very cold and snowy, after the first
place my anxiety was so high, my dog likes to take the end of her leash after we leave a place and play with it, I had phased out almost liked
blacked out when I snapped out of it a block later my dog was pulling on the leash keeping me moving on the cold winter morning.  

I also have weak knees and at an early age she learned to be a support for when I get up off the floor or off a chair and has learned to be a
support for when I go up or down stairs".

B.H. (California)

I am young (18 years old), but I have had my share of mental disorders, and several prescription pharmaceuticals that didn't work.  I've had a
dog for a few weeks now, and nothing has calmed me and made me feel as balanced as having a dog around.  Knowing that I have a dependent
is motivation to avoid indulgence in self-loathing or extreme stress.  I would love to be able to enjoy the healing powers of my dog wherever I go.

A.S. (California)

' I am bi-polar but as an older person, only suffer from depression and social and general anxiety.  One of my symptoms is isolating, another
staying in bed.  I have to get up to take care of Rocky.  I don't have a fenced in yard.  He wouldn't poop in the yard, so Rocky gets walks, even if
they are short.  When I couldn't get out due to winter weather or illness or have no one to talk to, Rocky listens.  When I am anxious, I can pet
him and it calms me.  I met and talked to people because I walked him in the neighborhood.  When I was seriously ill and could not get out of
bed, neighbors and relatives had to help me take care of him, but when he wasn't eating or outside, he not only stayed on the bed with me, but
his body was always touching mine.  I can't imagine a non-psychiatric service dog which is trained to perform tasks being any more helpful as a
service dog than how Rocky helps me with issues related to my psychiatric illness.  Thank you for this opportunity  to share my story".

R.F. (Ohio)