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                                                                     Choosing the right dog for you
It all rides on two things.

                        1.) Getting the right personalty match between dog and owner and
                        2.) Finding a dog with the right temperament to be service dog.
Tasks alone do not make a Service dog. Any dog can learn tasks.
                        But not every dog has the temperament to be a reliable service dog.
            Remember, there is only a 3 out of 10 chance you'll get the right combination.
Starting out Right   

Important things to consider before deciding to train your own Service Dog

All Service Dog Trainers MUST be able to separate themselves from believing that the dog they are training
WILL become a service dog. You may spend thousands of dollars purchasing the "right dog", buying food,
accessories, paying for vet bills and spending a whole year of your time and effort training and bonding with
your dog only to have to release it as a pet because it's temperament is not suitable to work in public places.
Time, effort and good intentions does not guarantee you'll have a legitimate, well trained service dog.

NOTE: All working dogs should be cleared by a vet. Your dog's heart needs to be checked, and hips and elbows should
be x rayed to insure your dog's health is sound enough to handle the demands of being a service dog.

The success rate in the world's top service dog agencies is low.
Approx. 3 out of 10 dogs trained actually become official service dogs
that continue to work once placed. And these are the top professionals in the world.
So, your chances of choosing the right dog is approximately 3 out of 10

If you can admit to yourself that your dog may not have the right temperament for the job,
you are ready to become a service dog trainer.

If you are not willing to face the fact that a service dog is not a pet,
but a respectable member of a larger group of Assistance Dogs around the world,
then you are not ready to train your own dog and should seek out a trained service dog to be placed with.
At this time, we are not aware of any service dog training agencies training or selling  psychiatric service dogs.

Training a real legitimate service animal is advanced work and is not as easy as you may think.
But, It is also not impossible if you educate yourself and continue to be a responsible trainer and user.
Pets are not service dogs. No matter how good they make you feel.