Q: Does my service dog have to be certified?
A: NO. People who pay to have their dogs certified are getting ripped off simply because they are ignorant of the laws and
therefore make it more difficult for those of us who know the laws and choose to EDUCATE the public about our rights.
They make businesses believe that certification is needed. People who certify their dogs are usually people who are trying to
pretend their dogs are well trained and fit the criteria of a service dog.
Only guide dogs must be certified. Not service dogs.
Legitimate service dog users fight for their rights so to EDUCATE not COMPLICATE things for the next person who walks in with
their legitimate service dog. If your dog does not perform at least 1 physical task to help mitigate your disability and is not well
trained to behave in public places, then it is not a legitimate service dog.

If your dog can't pass these 2 tests, it will need more training so it can pass them before it can be a legitimate service dog.
Click Here for Public Access Test
Q: How do I deal with a business who refuses to allow my dog in training into their establishment?
A: Rx Pharmdogs believes we should be advocates for educating these businesses. While the law does not say a service dog
must wear a vest or that a trainer must have an identification card,  we highly recommend that you KNOW THE LAWS FOR YOUR
Click Here) and have your dog clearly marked as a Service Dog IN TRAINING (or just SD if fully trained).

Q: I have started working with a much smaller dog and it is working out well for the social fears I have. I do get challenged more
than I ever did with the "typical" service dog (large breed).
A: If you are a legitimate service dog trainer (or user) then you can and should file a complaint with your local authorities and
challenge them in a court of law. It is the businesses responsibility to know the law.
If your dog performs or is being trained to perform a task that the law recognizes then you will win in a court of law.

But if you can't prove yourself then don't even try to challenge the laws. We do not support anyone who is not a legitimate
service dog handler.
Poorly behaved dogs do not belong in public places. Laws are there to protect businesses as well.

As for the size of your dog. Think about hearing dogs. Many are very small breeds. You can fight for your rights or loose them.